Our recent publications

  • Jackson, D., Hutchinson, M.,  Neville, S., Padula, W., Usher, K., Gardner, S., Betteridge, R& Durrant, L. (2019). Characteristics of people with pressure ulcers using one year’s routinely collected data in a defined diverse community. Journal of Wound Care, 28(9), 576-584.
  • Baldwin, J., Garrett, N., Larmer, P., Murray, C., Evans, R., Buchan, R., &  Neville, S. (2019). Primary care doctor and nurse utilisation rates for billed consultations across the Comprehensive Care Primary Health Organisation. New Zealand Medical Journal, 132(1498), 79-89.
  • Montayre, J., De-Arth, J., Shrestha-Ranjit, J.,  Neville, S., & Holroyd, E. (2019). Challenges and adjustments in maintaining health and well-being of older Asian immigrants in New Zealand: An integrative review.  Australasian Journal on Ageing, 38(3), 154-172. doi:10.1111/ajag.12616
  • Shannon, K., Bail, K., &  Neville, S.(2019). Dementia-friendly community initiatives: An integrative review.  Journal of Clinical Nursing, 28(11-12), 2035-2045. doi:10.1111/jocn.14746
  • Montayre, J., Dimalapang, E., Sparks, T., &  Neville, S. (2019). New Zealand nursing students' perceptions of biosciences: A cross-sectional survey of relevance to practice, teaching delivery, self-competence and challenges.  Nurse Eduacation Today, 79, 48-53. doi: 10.1016/j.nedt.2019.05.013
  • Gautam, S.,  Neville, S., & Montayre, J. (2019). What is known about the spirituality in older adults living in residential care facilities? An integrative review.  International Journal of Older People Nursing, 14, e12228. doi:10.1111/opn.12228
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  • Montayre, J., Thaggard, S., & Carney, M.(2019). Views on the use of the term ‘elder orphans’: A qualitative study.  Health and Social Care in the Community. DOI:https://doi.org/10.1111/hsc.12865
  • Thaggard, S. & Montayre, J. (2019). Elder Orphans Experiences of Advance Care Planning.  SAGE Open. DOI: https://doi.org/10.1177/2158244019865371
  • Fryer, V., Wright-St Clair, V. A., & Bright, F. (2019). Waiting for community occupational therapy services: A review. New Zealand Journal of Occupational Therapy, 66(3), 15-21.
  • Cheung, G., Wright-St Clair, V., Chacko, E., & Barak, Y. (2019). Financial difficulty and biopsychosocial predictors of loneliness: A cross-sectional study of community dwelling older adults. Archives of Gerontology and Geriatrics, 85, 103935, https://doi.org/10.1016/j.archger.2019.103935
  • Montayre, J., Neville, S., Wright-St Clair, V. A., Holroyd, E., & Adams, J. B. (2019). Older Filipino-New Zealanders' re-configuration of traditional filial expectations in New Zealand context. Contemporary Nurse, https://doi.org/10.1080/10376178.2019.1640621
  • Wright-St Clair, V. A., & Nayar, S. (2019). Resettling amidst a mood of loneliness: Later-life Chinese, Indian and Korean immigrants in New Zealand. Ageing & Society, 1-17, https://doi.org/10.1017/S0144686X19000655

Older publications

  • Clark, C. (2018). Working in a blurred domain: The health care assistant in aged residential care. Doctoral thesis. Online at http://aut.researchgateway.ac.nz/handle/10292/11671
  • Montayre, J., Montayre, J., & Thaggard, S. (2018). Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Older Adults and Mainstream Long-term-Care Facilities: An Integrative Review of Views and Experiences. Research in Gerontological Nursing. DOI:10.3928/00989134-20180629-02
  • Montayre, J., Montayre, J., & Thaggard, S. (2018). The elder orphan in healthcare settings: An integrative review. Journal of Population Ageing. DOI: 10.1007/s12062-018-9222-x
  • Neville, S., Adams, J., Napier, S., Shannon K., & Jackson, D. (2018) “Engaging in my rural community”: perceptions of people aged 85 years and over. International Journal of Qualitative Studies on Health and Well-being. DOI: 10.1080/17482631.2018.1503908
  • Wright, R. K. (2018). “Doing it for Dot”: exploring active ageing sport tourism experiences through the medium of creative analytical practice, Journal of Sport & Tourism, 22(2):1-16.
  • Wright, R. K. (2018). ‘All the lonely people’: embracing autoethnographic creative analytical practice at the 2017 World Masters Games. Annals of Leisure Research. Online at https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.1080/11745398.2018.1503087
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  • Adams, J., & Neville, S. (2018, In Press): Exploring talk about sexuality and living gay social lives among Chinese and South Asian gay and bisexual men in Auckland, New Zealand. Ethnicity & Health, doi:10.1080/13557858.2018.1439893
  • Jackson, D., Durrant, L., Hutchinson, M., Ballard, C., Neville, S. & Usher, K. (2018). Living with multiple losses: Insights from patients living with pressure injury. Collegian. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.colegn.2017.10.008
  • Rodgers, V., Neville, S., & La Grow, S. (2017). Health, functional ability and life satisfaction among older people 65 years and over: a cross-sectional study. Contemporary Nurse, 53(3), 284-292. doi:10.1080/10376178.2017.1319286
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