Never2Old exercise programme

The never2old programme (N2O) was launched in 2002 by John Rice and Dennis Greenall, following the positive outcomes of a three-month student project, designed by a mature student in his late 60s, that created individualised strength training programmes for a group of older adults. Since 2010, it has been managed by two AUT School of Sport and Recreation alumni, Phillipa Batts and David Hoskins.

Award winning programme with a focus on social activity

N2O started out as a strength and conditioning programme that focused specifically on assessing and improving the physical fitness of older adults, but over time transformed into an award winning active ageing programme underpinned by the wider, more holistic concepts of wellness and wellbeing. There is also a big focus on the social and communal side to living well.

The goal  of the programme is to help older adults to be functionally fit and socially active, allowing them the freedom to continue doing the things that they love to do.

N2O members are introduced to the gym environment (sometimes for the first time) and given an individually tailored exercise programme that is built around what they can do and what they want to achieve. Those who are unable to be in the gym environment are offered an alternative service.

N2O programme providers and partners

The N2O team work currently with a number of residential care facilities, the YMCA and Auckland Council, taking their practical research results off campus into different community spaces. They continue to work closely with the academic staff and student within the AUT School of Sport and Recreation, plus those employed within the AUT Sport and Fitness Centre.

More about never2old

For more info and contact details, check the never2old  page on the AUT Gym website.

N2O website