Current Research

Diverse, inclusive communities

  • *What are the experiences of older Chinese-speaking migrants in Auckland when accessing health and support services in New Zealand?
  • *How can loneliness among older Chinese immigrants in New Zealand be measured and ameliorated?
  • *What is the experience of being an older Filipino migrant in New Zealand?
  • A hermeneutic analysis of Chinese, Indian and Korean late-life immigrants’ experiences of loneliness or social isolation.
  • Spirituality in older adults living in residential care facilities in Nepal.

Negotiating health issues

  • *How do the beliefs and expectations held by practitioners, and people living in New Zealand regarding the management of hip and knee osteoarthritis?
  • What are the experiences of New Zealand migrants living with Mild Cognitive impairment?
  • Valuing those supporting people living with cognitive decline
  • What are the predictors of quality of life, participation, physical function, disability, depression and cognition in those in advanced age? The Life and Living in Advanced age: A Cohort- the Lilac study, Te Puawaitanga O Nga Tapuwae Kia ora Tonu.

Liveable spaces and places

  • *How health care assistants manage their everyday work within aged residential care?
  • *What is the process, and the outcomes of the transition of residents to a new dementia care by design village?
  • The experience of older adults' everyday participation in their urban neighbourhood.
  • The transition of Whare Aroha CARE residents to a new dementia-friendly village.

Community and social life

  • *What is the experience of older adults participating in their urban neighbourhood?
  • *What enables older people to grow old in communities where they live?
  • *What are the strength and functional changes of a high-functioning, resistance-trained population of older adults in response to a very high load (VHL), resistance training intervention?
  • What are the barriers and enablers to living in the Warkworth community?
  • How do the ‘young old’, those aged 65 to 74, engage socially in a semi-rural setting?
  • Identifying and ameliorating loneliness among Chinese late-life immigrants in New Zealand.

* Items denote postgraduate student projects